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Video Directory Solutions is a division of
PeachWiz, Inc.

The Internet could not have become what it is today without some semblance of organization for accessing information, before there were search engines, there were directories. Video is quickly becoming a mainstream way to pass along information.

It's pretty obvious that mobile video isn't just the wave of the future, it's already here and, increasingly, consumers the world over are adopting it as a primary screen on which they'll watch everything from viral video shorts, to Premier League highlights to episodic TV and even feature films.

As video information becomes more prevalent and mainstream, video directories will become an essential part of how content is organized and consumed.

Our Video Directory Solutions can be taylored to meet any business model or need. Video Directories is a component of the World Wide Broadcast Network Platform System.

Our Video Directories are powered by searchmercials. Searchmercials are audio and video content that appear in search, cetegory and sub category results in direct response to a predefined or user defined criteria leading to one or more calls for action. US Patent # 8,060,498, #8,626,752 and other US and International Patents, Patents in Pending.

We provide companies with new business models that evolve around the delivery of video content, complementing their existing business offerings and adding to their revenues. WWBN video platform and solutions are unsurpassed in quality, interactivity, and revenue generating ability across networks and devices.

Our sales team is proficient in helping companies identify and develop new video directory business opportunities, ideas, models, and applications upon consultation. We would be happy to do the same for you.

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